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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  February 23, 2013 5:00am-6:30am PST

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you have to see this. a cheerleader does a flip while grab i grabbing a basketball and she
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sinks it from half court. watch this. >> first time i saw this, i thought someone had to do that digitally. no, that cheerleader actually did this. she told the new york daily news she learned how to do that while playing soccer. she said she was invited to perform with the harlem globe trotters this week and she deserves that. wow! little boy in new hampshire didn't like wearing his hearing aid because he said super heroes don't wear them. so marvel comics based a new superhero on 5-year-old anthony smith after his mom wrote to them. his name is blue ear. his hearing aid calls for help far away. he hopes blue ear will inspire other hearing-impaired kids. we know that means a lot to him and his family.
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people inside those tents. listen to that. wind and rains hard-core milwaukee brewers fans are camping out to get opening day tickets that go on sale this morning. brewers nicknamed it the arctic tailgate. some fans said they are sleeping, wrapped in three sleeping bags but others have heaters inside their tents. some said they've been waiting in line in that weather since wednesday. great to have you with us this morning. there's a lot coming up on cnn saturday morning. it starts right now. good morning. i'm victor blackwell. good to have you with us. randi kaye is off this morning. 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 out west. thanks for starting your day right here. new england cannot catch a break for the third straight weekend. a winter storm is ready to drop snow on that region, as much as a foot and a half in some places. midwest knows this storm packs a punch. it's already roll thud that
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area, causing trouble like what you see here. look at this you can look right into their house. heavy snow, this is in missouri, collapsed a roof at a dance school in gladstone. fortunately, no one was hurt here. chicago knows how to handle bad weather but the storm was enough to tie up traffic yesterday. it dropped fewer than three inches on the city, nothing chicago can't handle. it was still the largest amount of snow this season. and enough to cause several accidents on several streets there and, of course, on the highways. now, chicago is not alone. look at this a multi-vehicle crash shut down part of interstate 80 in iowa. semi truck lost control, smashed into a cable barrier and then a charter bus smashed into the semi, slicing it in half. carrying the simpson college softball team. no one was hurt. one player tweeted an ainngel mt
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be watching over them. people in this building thought it was an earthquake when sheets of snow is it started sliding off the roof. described it as the sound of a thund thunderous roar. wichita saw its second highest two-day snowfall total on record. >> is this what nupg can look forward to this weekend? karen mcginnis is tracking the storm for us. that could have been dangerous if someone had been walking on that street. >> that was from an ireporter, amanda slchlt aviana. she thought it was a hurricane at first. she hurried down and got the tail end of it. it just kept going on and on and on. some areas saw nearly two feet of snow. it was widespread, affecting millions of people there. they're trying to pull everything back together after such a tremendous late winter storm system. now we're look iing at new england. the computer models all over the place. how much snow is boston going to see? boston northward, how much snow
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is going to occur? area of low pressure will develop off the midatlantic coast, move off the coast of new england. now it's moving a little further away. still on the back side of this. probably starting later on this afternoon, between two and four. you'll see spits of rain, maybe clouds and fog. so, watch out for that. but then after about 6:00 or 7:00, you might see that snowfall develop. it looks like this will be a short but sweet event, continuing into sunday. for boston, you might expect two to four inches of snow. could back off of that just a little bit. maybe one to three inches possible. it's very hard to determine at this point what that area of low pressure is going to do exactly. interior sections of new england might see twice that amount. ru russell, kansas, saw 22" of snow. they shattered their daily snowfall record for the day. we move to the southeast. here we go. flash flood watches and warnings
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have been issued. what about that northeast and new england? boston, two to four inches of snowfall. nothing really substantial in the way of wind. temperaturewise for the afternoon, boston looking at 34. that gives you some clue as to just how mild, relatively mild those temperatures are. victor, we continue to watch this. the west coast braces for a pacific storm system. >> everybody's getting something. >> yeah. >> karen maginnis, thank you. oscar pistorius cannot go home again, at least while the conditions of his bail are still in effect. pistorius was in the backseat of a car driven away from court by his uncle. south african magistrate granted bail for the olympian accused of murdering girlfriend reeva steenkamp. local media reports say pistorius spent the night at his uncle's house. pistorius cannot go near an airport. he had to surrender his passport and his guns. he cannot drink alcohol and he must report to police twice a
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week. senior international correspondent nic robertson is in johannesburg. nic, this story has captured the attention of south africans -- really, people all over the world, but in south africa, what do they think about the decision to release him on bail? >> reporter: everybody has been following it here, whether it's on twitter, the headlines in the newspapers, whether it's the lead story on the television. everyone has been watching it. everyone has been talking about it. now there's a decision. it seems people are divided over this decision to let him have bail. >> eye think it's fair. i think the man is -- we don't know if he's guilty or not and to try him now is not really fair i think they set the right conditions for the bail. >> it shocked me despite all the evidence mounted up against him, he still managed to get bail. i guess it's a reflection of -- >> he has already had a visit at
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his uncle's house. oscar pistorius has had a visit at his uncle's house from parole officers on saturday morning. he is staying in a large house, large walls, big gates. what the legal experts are saying is don't read too much into the bail hearing. it's not a proper trial. there are detailed legal arguments that haven't come out yet. >> and those will come out as the trial starts. nic robertson in johannesburg for us this morning. thank you. let's now talk about lance armstrong and the federal government is taking up the case. the government says they will join in a lawsuit for the postal service team that armstrong rode with. he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs when he won those titles. the government says that broke the contract. microsoft is trying to figure out who carried out a brazen hacking attack. the tech giant says some of its
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computers, including some in its business unit were infected with m malicious software known as malware but insist nos customer data was taken. microsoft is just the latest big-name company to get hacked. apple and facebook were hacked earlier this month. president obama is pressuring congress to get to wo work. he wants a deal on those forced spending cuts that go into effect march 1st if no deal gets done. that means a cut of $85 billion this year. we've been telling you what those cuts mean to you. athena jones tells us what that means to you on early education. >> reporter: dropping her grandson off at an early head start center in virginia. give me a kiss. love you. >> they're all different sizes. >> reporter: she says the preschool program for low-income families is vital to his success. >> when they do get into
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kindergarten, they know their a, b, cs, they know how to count. my 7-year-old, she started off in early head start at 3. very smart, honor roll student and it came from early head start. >> reporter: ward supports three children by cleaning hotel rooms so she relies on head start for child care. her 3-year-old niece is on the wait list for head start but she could become up to 70,000 kids the administration says will be shut out of the program if forced spending cuts go into effect this friday. those cuts would come even as president obama pushes for preschool for all kids, including expanding head start. you are looking for a good bang for your educational buck, this is it right here. >> reporter: not everyone thinks head start is such a good idea. critics point to a government study that raises doubts about its long-term benefits. >> all the effects were gone by
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the time kids were in kindergarten and certainly not there by the end of third grade. >> reporter: that debate aside, ward says the program works for her family. >> don't take the daycare program from the kids, innocent little kids. they don't know nothing about budget cuts. >> reporter: department of health and human services says if these cuts go through, some head start classrooms will have to close early this school year and start late in the fall. victor? >> athena jones, thank you. much more ahead this hour. here is a look at what's coming up. it's the hotel at the center of the mysterious death of a canadian tourist, but it's not the first time guests have checked in and never left. a little boy with a rare condition, desperate for a hearing aid. but his insurance company says it's not mandatory. the truth about a widespread health crisis in an exclusive cnn saturday morning report. tiger's new teammate, average joe's hoops, and the
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an 18-year-old man in colorado will face trial in the brutal killing of a 10-year-old girl. jessica ridgeway had disappeared on her way home from school. he will also face trial on an attack of a jogger who survived. that will start next month. black range rover involved in this fiery crash on the vegas strip. someone in the range rover started firing into the maserati. the taxi driver and his passenger and the massachusetts ra -- maserati's driver were all killed. 21-year-old alisa lam was
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found in the -- there are more tests to come. lam's death is just another sordid tale in the history of this hotel. nick valencia has been digging into this hotel. what's happened at the cecil? >> in 1985, richard ramirez, the night stalker, terrorized all of los angeles, killing 13 people throughout the city. he used it as his hideout in 1985. in the early '90s, there was another serial killer who targeted prostitutes and it's reported, victor, he brought back his victims to the cecil hotel where he carried out the killings. even before the '80s and '90s, this was an infamous spot for lover's leaps, '50s and '60s where people at the end of their rope, so to speak, would end their life.
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>> one of the most notorious crimes in l.a., the history there. tell us about that. >> the black dolly, a favorite of our executive producer, nora. sort of a murder mystery of whodunit. reported to have drampg there at the hotel bar before she was gruesomely killed. it's well known to the los angeles residents. as much as officials have tried to clone up the area, it still has this very ominous history to it. >> they don't put that on the website. >> not so much. 4.5 million twitter follower s. stephen colbert is someone you would want helping you. >> that's right. he hits the campaign trail today. who he is helping out and why it's close to home. how about rapid construction of a moon colony?
5:18 am
it all sounds pretty far fetched, we know. new technology could make it possible. in this woekeek's start small, think big, gary tuchman tells us how. >> we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be american. >> reporter: if newt gingrich has his way, we'll have a moon colony by 2020. contour crafting is creating machines to do just that. >> the advantages that these technologies offer is that they are great for autonomous operation. >> reporter: working building homes on earth. the technology can create simple designers elaborate structures that would be difficult for a builder. >> for machines, they just follow the programs that they receive. >> reporter: contour craft could create a family home in 24 hours and doesn't need breaks. while he is shooting for the
5:19 am
moon, his hopes are more simple. >> the beneficiaries of the technology will be the most deserving, the nearly 1 billion people who live in the slums now or are homeless. people ask me who wants a house in a day and my response to them is there are a lot of people who lose their houses in a minute or less. definitely, those people want their house in a day. >> they're currently raising funds to build an entire house. with nasa and private companies already showing interest, they're building on a good foundation. great, everybody made it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard.
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welcome back. 21 minutes after the hour now. we're less than a week away from forced spending cuts, possibly feeling them. $85 billion cuts will affect programs almost across the board. transportation, defense, education. so, what would you be willing to give up? a new pew research poll asked that question and 48% said they would decrease funding for helping needy people around the world. then came the state department budget and unemployment assistance. so what is untouchable? the fewest numbers said they wanted cuts to veterans benefits, followed by social security and education funding. well, in just a few weeks, one of the biggest political conferences of the year kicks off and c-pac could give us a preview of the 2013 gop campaign for mid terms and 2016 for president. at least seven potential white house hopefuls will be speaking at the conference, including louisiana governor bobby jindal, senators marco rubio, rand paul,
5:24 am
paul ryan. also rick santorum, former florida governor jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker. c-pac starts the third week in march. stephen colbert, the funny guy, will be hosting a fund-raiser to help out his sister. he will be at a bowling alley in charleston, south carolina, where his family is from. elizabeth colbert-bush, running in a special election to replace republican tim scott who moved to the senate. bush is a democrat. the district leans republican. the royal bump makes a debut. the maverick, he ain't going to take it. and double barreled biden is doing it again. here is a look at the week that was. how do we feel about president obama playing golf with tiger wood sths. >> he calls up and says, hey, tiger, you want to play? >> vice president joe biden is
5:25 am
out with another one of those sound bite. >> if you want to protect yourself, get yourself a double barrel shotgun. >> senator john mccain facing an angry crowd. >> you had enough time. >> reporter: tiger tees off with the commander in teammate. maverick meets his match. all stories making headlines in the week that was. all right. some imitations you cannot pass up. >> like wanting to golf with the president. >> you know you have a good marriage when you say, yeah, sure, honey, go have a guy's weekend with tiger woods. >> so he did. the president, flying solo without the fam in florida and teaming up with tiger on the links. >> tiger woods gave the president some very valuable tips. the most valuable one? erase all your text messages. that's the first thing you do. >> vice president joe biden is spearheading the push for president obama's gun control proposal and here is the advice he gave to a woman who was worried about defending her home. >> if you want to protect
5:26 am
yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. >> oh, joe. >> walk out on the balcony. >> here we go. >> fire two blasts. >> his point, though, is this. >> you don't need an ar-15. it's harder to aim. it's harder to use and, in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. >> of course, you could just write it off as -- >> joe biden being joe biden. >> alec baldwin's legendary temper may have reared its ugly head again. >> the new york post says he threatened their reporter and yelled a racial slur at their photographer. >> because baldwin is now accused of yelling a racial slur, the case turned into more than just that nasty temper. >> alec baldwin's hate crime investigation. >> baldwin denies making the alleged remarks and both men have filed complaints against one another. >> i'm in charge and you're not. i can tell you, that is not going to be the case. >> arizona senator john mccain got more than an earful during a town heal meeting this week.
5:27 am
>> you said build a dang fence. where is the fence? >> hot topic, immigration. >> i retired -- >> you've had enough time, pal. you've had enough time. >> the no nonsense maverick -- >> you can say that pigs fly but it's not true. >> never to stand down from a flight. and duchess kate's royal ruckus. >> the world's most famous mom to be revealing that bump. it's a teeny tiny baby bump. >> but the whole world saw it. >> as the british newspaper, the daily mail breathlessly put it today, kate put her baby bump on parade. >> um, okay. and that's a look at the week that was. six underground tanks at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site are leaking radioactive waste. now washington state's governor says whether or not you could be at risk. that's next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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splenda® makes the moment yours™. then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >> bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning with us. let's start with five stories we are watching this morning. number one, the storm that blanketed the midwest is heading to new england next. some areas could see a foot of snow or more. you know what that means? canceled flights, slick roads. if you're going to travel today in and around new england, one, reconsider. two, check the airlines websites
5:32 am
for any possible delays. a lot of cities in the northeast will escape the worst of the snow, but it could still cause some headaches. we'll have a check of the weather in about 30 minutes. story number two comes from british columbia. two skiers were able to escape an avalanche. police say they were pulled out by other skiers. one other person was killed in a snow slide. search teams are fwg out today to try to recover that body. number three, last weekend it was revealed a nuclear tank was wasting or leaking nuclear waste. now the governor says six tanks at the hanford nuclear site are leaking toxic sludge. he says there is no immediate health risk but that this is disturbing. the hanford facility is considered to be the nation's most contaminated nuclear site. number four, the pentagon has grounded the entire fleet of f-35 fighter jets. a crack was found in the engine of one of the planes during a routine inspection.
5:33 am
$400 billion, the f-35 program is the most expensive weapons system in military history. five, now with no deal in sight, we are six days away from forced spending cuts that will slash $85 billion in spending and the white house is putting pressure on republicans. >> the here is the thing. these cuts don't have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little compromise. they can pass a balanced plan for deficit reduction. they can cut spending in a smart way and close wasteful tax loopholes for the well-off and well-connected. unfortunately, it appears that republicans in congress have decided that instead of compromise, instead of asking anything of the wealthiest americans, they would rather let these cuts fall squarely on the middle class. >> that's the argument from the president. here is is how the gop is firing back. the fact is republicans in congress right now will provide
5:34 am
the flexibility to make the necessary spending reductions and address our deficit and debt instead of going through the sequester. in fact, house republicans have already passed two bills to replace the president's sequester. so the question is, why won't he work with us? and the answer, quite simply, is because he wants higher taxes. but the right way to address our deficit and debt and get past the sequester is not higher taxes or just better spending control. it's by decrcreating jobs, grow the economy and expanding the tax base. >> here is the bottom line. if there is no deal, then we'll see $85 billion in cuts. and when the number is that large it's really tough to put it into perspective. cnn national correspondent jim acosta explains, that is exactly what the white house is at least trying to do. sitting down with the japanese prime minister, president obama was all but saying so long to congress when it comes to those
5:35 am
forced spending cuts that are now just one week away. >> i'll continue to make my case to not only congress but the american people. >> going over the heads of gop leaders, appearing on talk radio. >> what i need listeners to do more than anything is put a little bit of pressure on congress as usual, to get their act together and do the right thing. >> the white house also sent out transportation secretary ray la hood to warn how the cuts will impact air travel. smaller communities, air traffic control towers could be closed all together. >> flights to major cities, like new york, chicago and san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> lahood urged republicans in congress to see the movie "lincoln" to learn how to work together. >> references, what you call an acting performance, because you
5:36 am
are -- you're going to be scaring the public today. this is going to be scaring the public about their travel plans. >> well, we'll see what the reaction of the public is. what i'm trying to do is to wake up members of the congress on the republican side to the idea that they need to come to the table, offer a proposal so that we don't have to have this kind of calamity in air service in america. >> jay carney and his counterpart in the speaker's office traded tweet over who is to blame, president's approach to deficit reduction, a sign administration officials are confident public opinion is on their side. >> the fact of the matter is that we can't get anything done without a bill passing the house of representatives. >> some republicans say hold on. senator tom coburn from oklahoma sent a letter to the white house asking why some administration officials are spending money traveling the country, advising communities on how to secure
5:37 am
federal dollars, saying it is important we, as public officials, lead by example, but that won't stop wz's laashingto latest game of budget chicken, one the president seems comfortable playing. >> the sequester going into effect will not threaten, you know, the world financial system. >> reporter: once again, administration officials said they are welcome to ideas to head off these cuts. in the meantime, the president plans to visit a naval shipyard that will take a direct hit if these cuts go through. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. social media is apparently more than what you're saying or doing or thinking right now. you can also send the same types of messages after you've passed. after you're dead. companies are popping up now that will manage your accounts after you go on. you can say hello or wish
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someone a happy birthday or say something mean and disrespectful from the grave. a little creepy, at least. who wants to hear from you after -- oh, well. a woman's body is found in a hotel water tower. police have no idea how she got there or even how she died. is this a murder mystery or just a traffic accident? former fbi agent joins us to discuss this puzzling case. at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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a tourist disappears in the city of angels, her body later found at the bottom of a water ta tank. we're talking about the case of elisa lam. she disappeared in january. 19 days later, 19 days, her body was found at the bottom of one of the hotel rooftop water tanks. cnn contributor paul callan joins me from new york and in studio with me, former fbi special agent harold copis. let's start with you, harold. the lapd has said they have not ruled out foul play. how can this be anything but foul play? >> there's no way. you know it's got to be. someone had to take the body up there, put it in the tank, thinking they were going to hide it and never be found. >> yeah. when they say that maybe, it's almost -- it almost has to be, right? >> there has to be. there's no way you could go through the hatch, an
5:43 am
individual. this is not a huge individual. go through the hatch, get on the roof, climb the ladder to get to the platform where the tanks are, put a ladder on that tank, climb up, open the top, get in, close it and die. no way. >> let's talk about the hotel and liability. the hotel says that the door to the rooftop was locked, but there was no lock on the water tank where lam's body was found. how much of a liability is this for the hotel, not having that tank locked? >> well, believe it or not, as horrible and disgusting as this case is, the body might have been in the water tank for 19 days and people were bathing in the water, drinking the water, brushing their teeth with the water. the case against the hotel is not a real strong case. the law basically says this is negligent infliction of emotional distress. it's an accidental causing of emotional distress and, first of all, most places probably don't lock their tanks and they don't inspect them on a regular basis.
5:44 am
so it's hard to prove it's accidental accidental. the tourists will have to prove that they were not only distressed to hear about this but they suffered physical injury. have you bad feelings of drinking water afterwards but are you physically injured by it? the law makes it very difficult to bring cases like this. >> the tests in the water there and water system says there's no harmful bacteria, but you're drinking water from a tank that had a body in there up to 19 days. let me ask you, harold, about this new video we're seeing of lam inside this elevator. she is on the elevator, standing on one side, pushing buttons for four floors, poking her head out. last shot we've seen of her the day before, i guess, she was killed. some suggest she's looking like she could be hiding with someone, being playful. what are you seeing in this video? >> i think i see someone who is hiding and especially when she looks out like, hey, what's going on? all we're seeing, though, is the
5:45 am
video shot from inside the elevator. they'll have cameras on the floors and that's where you have to get the real information. we don't have that yet. police do. >> speaking about what we don't have, what he the most important clue in this investigation? >> i think at this stage is what you have to ask is who had access to that roof? it was allegedly locked. what they have to have any more, you have to have it locked and you have to have it alarmed. if there's an entry, someone has to know. personally, my list of 10 or 15 people, the first occupants would be maintenance staff on my list. >> and, paul, you've talked about the distress and lack of, i guess, damage to the people who lived there. you know they're going to file lawsuits. there's a waiver that they signed. does the waiver wipe out any rights they might have had? >> no. i think the waiver will be held useless to them. they'll be able to file lawsuits against the hotel.
5:46 am
this is a $65 a night hotel. it's a place where reportedly two serial murderers used to live. they don't need any more bad publicity. you would think they would be settling right now, offering these guests three hotel stays at other maybe nice hotels rather than risking lawsuits. getting back to the issue of criminal liability in the case, as a former homicide prosecutor, the thing i would like to know is what's the cause of death? did she drowned? was a drug overdose? we don't have toxicology reports. was she put in the water after she was dead or did she drown in the water? those are all questions that have to be answered by l.a. police. >> so many questions. really bizarre story. paul callan, harold copus, thank you both. >> nice being with you, victor. listen to this. >> you can hear clear? >> yeah. >> how does it make you feel? >> good. >> that's a 7-year-old boy,
5:47 am
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for over 11 million employees. reducing document costs by up to 30%... and processing $421 billion dollars in accounts payables each year. helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. the obama administration is making a move in what could be a landmark case. it's urging the supreme court to strike down a federal law that denies financial benefits to mar married, same-sex couples. the defensive marriage act or doma defines a marriage as only between a man and a woman. in a brief filed with the high court, it says doma treats gay and lesbian couples unequally according to the constitution. the court will hear arguments next month. pope benedict xvi will give
5:51 am
its angelus prayer when he gives a blessing in front of a crowd. cnn will be airing live when it happens tomorrow morning, the 6:00 am eastern hour. the pope steps down officially on the 28th. the vatican is hoping to have a new pope in place before easter. for just a moment, imagine your child has hearing loss, but you cannot afford hearing aids. more than 1.5 million kids in the u.s. live in silence because their health insurance doesn't think they're essential. cnn's george howell sat down with 7-year-old hayden mckenzie for a look at the drastic measures he and his family have taken for him to hear. >> reporter: for 7-year-old hayden mckenzie, it takes a little more time in the morning to get started. and for his twin brother, colby, it takes more patience. >> our big question of the day is, you have a hearing aid on. can you hear me? i was thinking about this last
5:52 am
night. it felt like a cell phone commercial. can you hear me? can you hear me now? >> reporter: he started losing his hearing when he was 4 years old, a crippling result of surgeries to repair his middle ear. >> these were hearing aids donated from a deceased child. this is a temporary thing? >> yeah. it's definitely not our ideal situation. it's definitely helping right now, but in order to get him the proper ones that he needs, you know, we would have to go through our audiologist and purchase them and the insurance just doesn't cover it. >> reporter: working class family, the mckenzies find themselves stuck in the middle. >> we make too much money to do the medicaid route and we can't use them -- can't get any kind of supplement. so it's just all out of pocket. and $6,000 is a lot of money.
5:53 am
>> reporter: desperate for solutions, they even resorted to buying these, game ears, amplifiers that hunters use as a cheap option just to get by. these hearing aids, you like them? they work okay? what about those game ears? they work, too? what do you like better, the game ears better or the hearing aid better? >> hearing aid. >> why? >> because i just wear it. >> amanda says her insurance company told her hearing aids are elective. at hayden's elementary school, his teacher sees otherwise. >> sometimes when he needs help, he won't ask for it. then if he's not understanding, he gets frustrated and sometimes he'll cry. >> reporter: even hayden's principal and herself, who raised a hearing impaired daughter knows exactly how frustrating it can be getting hearing aids. >> reporter: and insurance will not pay for this? >> they didn't pay for a dime, no. first time i talked to the lady
5:54 am
about it, because i was bound and determined they were going to, she said she doesn't have to have them. and i said, ma'am, she can't hear without her aids and she said she doesn't have to have them. >> reporter: nearly five in every 1,000 children, age 3 to 17, were either deaf or had a lot of trouble hearing without an aid. >> with your permission, i would like to start with house bill 74, which deals with hearing aids. >> reporter: the outrage over affordability has pushed for advocates to push for legislation, requiring insurance companies to cover hearing aids for little kids. >> we have documented hundreds of folks who are slipping through the cracks because of a lack of proper insurance coverage. >> reporter: according to susan pisano with american health insurance plans -- >> many employers already are having difficulty affording to provide coverage. it really becomes difficult for them to consider new benefits
5:55 am
that they really might like to add. >> reporter: the mckenzies insurance carrier, aetna, says although the family's plan does not provide hearing aids, they did offer discounts. but mckenzies say it's too expensive. >> it's a necessity. it's a necessity that's a medical necessity. and it's got to be covered by insurance. it's got to be. >> reporter: george howell, cnn, atlanta. 20 states here in green on this map have mandatory health insurance coverage for hearing aids. legislatives in georgia have submitted a bill hoping to join them. we'll continue to follow this story, of course. a couple of college baseball teams take whacks -- not at the ball. look at this, each other. it's rough on the diamond. but first when traveling to other cities and countries, the best way to get a real taste of the place through the local food. so cnn ireport has teamed up
5:56 am
with travel and leisure magazine. in atlanta with a southern food sample, here is jim spellman. >> reporter: atlanta is a big cosmopolitan city. but at its heart it's still a southern city. for food with southern heart you have to go to carver's kitchen. >> we used to be a grocery store. then my husband and myself decide decided i think we want to have a restaurant. we started very small, about 1992. and it has since grown to be quite a large endeavor. >> it smells incredible in here. >> it's really god. >> i can smell it even out on
5:57 am
the street. i don't know what else to say. so good. three chicken breasts? what did you get? we must pause for the twitter photo. this is really a truly local place. >> this is. >> all right. ireporters, here is your chance to help us create a food lovers map of the world. go to send us a photo of your favorite restaurant and dish and how you discovered this place. the definitive list of 100 places to eat like a local will be revealed in a few weeks. and some ireports will be on that list. stay tuned to see if you'll be one of them.
5:58 am
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florida and arizona right now. the college players, they seem to be in mid season form. look at this. sacramento state versus u.c. riverside. shove. punch. benches cleared. this was the home opener for sacramento state. get this. these two teams play a doubleheader today. we'll see what happens in this
6:02 am
one. michelle obama knows how to move. check this. ♪ they did he "raise the roof," sprinkler, dougie, first lady got down with jimmy fallon, showing the evolution of dance with moms. whole new hour of "cnn saturday morning" begins right now. good morning, everyone. i'm victor blackwell. randi kaye is off this morning. 9:00 in the east, 6:00 out west. good of you to start your day with us. another good weekend for people in new england to stock up on hot chocolate and stay inside, because a winter storm is bringing a third straight weekend of snow, as much as a foot in some places, maybe more. the midwest is already seeing the worst of it, like in gladstone, missouri. look at this.
6:03 am
heavy snow collapsed the dance studio school roof here. fortunately, no one was injured. chicago now, where fewer than three inches was enough to tie up traffic. right car on the left side of the screen slide out. it happened yesterday. to iowa, slick roads led to a multi-vehicle crash on interstate 80. fortunately, no one was hurt here. meteorologist karen maginnis is tracking the storm for us. >> the timing of this is going to be very interesting, but it's not going to be quite that big slam of snow that we saw just about two weeks ago. here it is. area of low pressure develops off the midatlantic coast. the timing on this will be critical. i took a look at just about every computer model that you can think of. and they all say different things. but pretty much we're closing in on that two to four inches, right around boston. but it could start out as maybe
6:04 am
a rain/snow mix or an icy mix. as you go into interior sections of new england, that's where it's going to be the heaviest snowfall. we certainly think the higher terrain could see six, eight, possibly ten inches of snow. but even then, as the storm system starts to make its way out, further out into the atlantic, toward the east, on the back side of that, some breezy conditions and some additional snowfall going into sunday afternoon. where is the snow expected to start? right around boston. you'll see some, you know, hints of it into the afternoon. by about 5:00 or 6:00, i think the snowfall is going to start accumulate at that time. as i mentioned, i don't think it will be like what you saw two weeks ago. the view across the northeast and new england. and, wow, did this system that we saw across the central plains eventually move up to the great lakes. it walloped the central u.s. take a look at this ireport from amanda laviana.
6:05 am
yeah, she and her co-workers said they thought it was an earthquake. they didn't quite know what to do. it was a thunderous roar. she went outside and filmed all of this snow falling off of her building in clumps. and, victor, i would say that's not a wise idea, but fascinating pictures to look at nonetheless. >> that was just the tail end of it, right? >> exactly. some areas in kansas did see 22 inches in wichita, and saw 8 to 12 depending on which location you looked at. skier is dead after an avalanche hit near a resort in british columbia. two others were hit by this avalanche but were rescued by their group. there is a team that plans to go out today to bring that body home. now to lance armstrong. the government is getting involved in his case. the department of justice is joining a lawsuit against armstrong, stemming from his
6:06 am
admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs. when he won all those tour de france titles, he was riding for the u.s. postal team, partially funded by money from the federal government. now the government wants some of that money back. this fiery crash on the las vegas strip has police looking all across the country for the occupants of a black range roefr. someone in the range rover started shooting at a passing maserati, who slammed into the taxi. the taxi burst into flames. the taxi driver, the taxi passenger and the driver of the maserati, inspiring rapper, all died. microsoft is trying to figure out how it got hacked. the tech giant says some of its computers, including some in its business unit, were infected with malicious software known as malware but insists no customer data was taken. microsoft is just the latest big name company to get hacked. apple and facebook were hacked
6:07 am
earlier this month. the vatican is pushing back against a report that has really stunned catholics. an italian newspaper says pope benedict xvi decided to resign the same day he saw a bombshell report on an underground network of gay priests. senior international correspondent ben wedeman joins me from rome. the vatican is clearly angry, strongly worded response that says this is an attempt to influence cardinals who will choose the next pope. where is this coming from? >> panorama, a weekly magazine, suggesting or alleging that the pope on the 17th of december was given a 300-page red bound docier which documented these reports of a network of gay priests being blackmailed, according to these reports, by a
6:08 am
network of male prostitutes in rome. as you said, the vatican came out with a very strongly worded communicae from its secretary of state, calling these reports unverifiable or completely false. on the 11th of february, pope benedict xvi said he was resigning because he simply didn't have the energy to carry out his duties. these reports in the italian press -- and they're really taking off at the moment -- would, of course, argue otherwise. victor? >> so, can we really trust this reporting? you say it's taking off. i really don't know much about those two publications, but how credible are they? >> reporter: well, these publications, for instance, one of the most widely read newspapers here in italy. it's really going back to the whole vati-leaks scandal when
6:09 am
the pope's personal butler handed over hundreds of documents from the pope's private office to an y titalian journalist. at this point it's very difficult to nail down whether there is some truth to these allegations or not. going back just three years, there was, in fact, a scandal about gay priests in the vatican who were documented, who were videotaped in some cases engaging in very -- sort of acts that the vatican looks down upon. but the specific allegations being made in these two publications are, at this point, very difficult to nail down. victor? >> it's interesting, ben, that part of the response from the vatican was this was published as an attempt to influence the conclave that chooses the next po
6:10 am
pope. how could that be? how could this influence that conclave? >> there's a suggestion that cardinals who will participate in this conclave, 116 cardinals at this point, may be in some way involved in the allegations that are being put out in this alleged 300-page dossier and, therefore, their possible involvement may influence how they vote when the conclave eventually takes place. victor? >> ben wedeman on this for us from rome. thank you. jodi arias finally reveals her version of what happened the night she killed her ex-boyfriend. now it's the prosecution's turn. you can bet they're ready to pick her story apart. we'll tell you what's next in the trial of the accused murderer. 942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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reports out of south africa say that pistorius is staying at his uncle's house after getting bail. a magistrate freed pistorius saying prosecutors failed to prove he was a flight risk. he is due back in court june 4th. back in the u.s., a dramatic week of testimony in the trial of accused killer jodi arias. a phoenix photographer took the stand, telling her version of the night she shot and stabbed ex-boyfriend travis alexander. jean casarez tells us what happened. >> the heart and soul of the testimony of jodi arias, the prosecutor will question her about her killing of travis alexander, photo by photo, stab wound by stab wound, looking at the forensics in the bathroom, trying to show inconsistencies with what she said happened with
6:15 am
what the actuality is, the truth of the matter. he will also ask her as she drove into the desert and she realized that she could not implicate herself, she had to lie to say she was not there. he'll probably go through the videotaped interrogations to show lie after lie after lie. >> that was jean casarez from our sister station hln. reports related to the benghazi attack as the senate threatens to hold up its nomination for john brennan unless they got more info. gop has criticized the obama administration for a lack of transparency. white house officials say they've already turned over more than 10,000 pages of documents. staying in washington, where white house and congress are playing right now a high stakes game of chicken. they're fighting over these forced spending cuts set to go into effect march 1st, a few days away.
6:16 am
but, really, the question is, do they effect you? what's the trickle down if there's no deal? cnn's chief business correspondent ali velshi takes a look. >> reporter: forced government spending cuts take effect march 1st. it's what washington has been calling the sequester. it's a stupid name for a stupid thing. >> these kus are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy, add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment line. this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> $85 billion this year, $1.2 trillion over ten years. that's 13% cuts to defense, 9% to everything else. >> we're weeki ins away from th president's sequester and the president laid out no plan. >> reporter: the 2011 debt ceiling debacle, passed by
6:17 am
congress and signed by the white house, a worst case scenario that would be so bad it would force lawmakers to make a deal. now it's become a poisoned pill that the nation may have to swallow, beginning march 1st. and if it happens, 70,000 children kicked off head start programs, putting more than 14,000 teaching and staff jobs at risk. fewer inspections for things like horse meat in your burgers, cuts to mental health programs mean almost 400,000 seriously mentally ill people will go untreated. homeland security drawdowns would result in longer wait times at airports and scaled back cyber security would mean more vulnerability to attacks from hackers in china and at home, threatening our infrastructure. furloughs and layoffs would affect 800,000 workers in the defense industry at the same time iran is testing a nuclear
6:18 am
bomb. fewer tax reviewers. 100,000 people would be thrown out of emergency housing and out on to the streets. one way or another, everyone will feel this while washington continue continues to play the blame game. >> republicans have proposed devastating cuts. >> washington and democrats have gotten used to republicans bailing them out of their own lack of responsibility. >> reporter: ali velshi, cnn, new york. apparently, social media is about more than what you're saying, doing or thinking right now. you can also send the same types of messages after you've passed, after you've died. companies are popping up now that will manage your accounts after you go. so you can say hello, happy birthday or happy anniversary from the grave. more than just a little bit creepy. did you ever wonder what it's like to work at cnn for anderson cooper? one of his producers is telling
6:19 am
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6:22 am
for author jack fwrgray, a e in tv news is all he ever wanted. as we know about childhood dreams, they're never without challenges. ruining my newscast, she was cranky, unfocused and for a seasoned television personality, she spent a lot of time chewing on her barrette. willard scott would never pull this. it served me right for working with my 8-year-old sister. it's that humor and wit that sets the stamg for "pigeon in a crosswalk: tales of anxiety and accidental glamour." good to have you.
6:23 am
>> thanks for having me, victor. >> i want to talk about the title of this book. why did you name this "pigeon in a crosswalk"? >> it was one of those days i was feeling down in the dumps. i could barely be bothered to find my pants, not unlike this morning, frankly. i was outside, crossing the street with my dog and there was a pigeon next to us, crossing in the crosswalk across the street like any other new yorker. for me, the kind of bar had been set that i needed to be at least as functional as that pigeon. i kind of liked the idea for a title. >> there's one bit i'm reading, excerpt to the book when you were asked, when you moved to manhattan, what are you doing tonight? and you didn't want to say going home to watch "the golden girls" and cry. who hasn't been there? >> which is what i did last night, too. some things never change. >> they've got a lot of good episodes. let's talk about one of the funny stories in the beginning of the book. you talk about this network you have with your sister, bnn. what is this about? >> we had bnn, barnstead news
6:24 am
network, where my grandparents lived at the time. it was a vhs camcorder, my sister and myself, screaming, hair pulling, not unlike the newsrooms i've worked in since. that's kind of how i got my start. >> bnn and chewing on the barrette. >> yeah. >> i'm tweeting about this. i know everyone wants to hear about the anderson cooper story. let's get to the passage. to quote aroundson cooper, anderson cooper is a big deal. though it's not as glamorous as people think. nothing ever is. first of all, he hogs the helicopter. second of all, the man has shown zero interest in picking up my dry cleaning. you add that his eyes aren't really blue. >> true. >> give us a good anderson story. >> oh, a good arounderson -- we first of all, all that that's in the book, i was not under the impression, as i was saying, i
6:25 am
was not sure i knew how celebrities were able to read. he is actually a great guy, and a really great friend and mentor. a good story, though, i'm trying to think. you know what? he once rescued me. i tipped over in a kayak at his house. granted, it was in three feet of water. that's how pathetic i am, in a kayak. he came in, pulled me right side up. his blackberry was ruined but there you go, anderson cooper, superhero. i don't know why he dyes his hair that color, but whatever. he's a great guy. >> the fake blue eyes and dyed hair. >> a lot of humor for young professionals following their dream. but still a lesson here. >> i mean, i would say go for it. you have to put in the time and the effort. but there are great jobs in tv news, great people in tv news who are willing to help you along and give you advice. you know, cnn is a great vending
6:26 am
machine system. there's a lot of things to look forward to if you stick with it. but, you know, hopefully the book will just make people laugh and give people some smiles over the weekend. >> little known fact, you can get sushi at the diner here in atlanta and in new york. jack gray, thank you so much. >> i'm sure it's gourmet sushi, too. >> it's close. jack's new book "pigeon in a crosswalk" is on sale now. >> thank you. >> certainly. thank you. just got a whole lot easier and has nothing to do with vegas. why the casino may become so last year. that's ahead. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
6:27 am
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